''We claim the new James Bond movie trailer
and create the first bottle movie ever!''

Heineken is a global sponsor of the James Bond movies. This year the long-awaited 25th James Bond film will be released and Heineken wants to celebrate it, big time! That’s why we hijack the launch of the new movie trailer. We claim the trailer and use our own bottles as the medium. By creating the world's first bottle movie! The trailer will be printed on 3000 Heineken bottles, frame by frame, and will be filmed as they pass the assembly line, creating a stop-motion video.

We launch the bottle movie as the first official trailer. The bottles that are used for the trailer are spread in special edition Heineken packages. The trailer can only be seen by scanning these special edition bottles. If you’re lucky and you find one of the 3000 original bottles from the Bottle movie, then you’ll be invited to the premiere in London.




special edition 6-pack
pointing finger back